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MLB 2010

ALEast- YankeesCentral- TwinsWest- AngelsWC- Rays

NLEast- PhilliesCentral- CardinalsWest- RockiesWC- Braves
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2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs



1-     Bruins

8- Canadiens

                                          1- Bruins

2-     Caps                         5- Penguins        3-Devils

7-      Rangers                                              5- Penguins          3- Devils

                                          2- Caps

3- Devils                            3- Devils

6- Hurricanes



5- Penguins


1-     Sharks

8-  Ducks                   1- Sharks

                                    6- Blues           1-Sharks

2-     Wings                                            2- Wings          2-Red Wings

7-      Jackets               2- Wings

                                   5- Flames

3- Canucks

6- Blues


4- Hawks

5- Flames



Stanley Cup Finals

W2- Red Wings

E3- Devils                      E3 DEVILS










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MLB 2009

 This is how I feel the 2009 MLB season will turn out. With divison winners and who will win what awards.



East- Red Sox

Central- Twins

West- Angels

Wild Card- Yankees

Surprise Team- Royals


AL MVP- Miguel Cabrera

AL Cy Young- Scott Kazmir

AL ROY- Matt Wieters

AL Comeback Player- Justin Verlander

AL HR Champ- Carlos Quentin

AL RBI Leader- Miguel Cabrera

AL Wins- Josh Beckett

AL Innings- Roy Halladay

AL Ks- CC Sabathia

AL Saves- Joe Nathan

AL Batting- Dustin Pedroia



East- Phillies

Central- Cubs

West- Diamondbacks

Wild Card- Dodgers


Surprise Teams- Giants, Marlins


NL MVP- Hanley Ramirez

NL Cy Young- Johan Santana

NL ROY- Daniel Murphy

NL Comeback Player- Chris Carpenter

NL HR Champ- Albert Pujols

NL RBI Leader- Albert Pujols

NL Wins- Brandon Webb

NL Innings-  Brandon Webb

NL Ks- Tim Lincecum

NL Saves- Jose Valverde

NL Batting- Albert Pujols




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A Yankee fans Roid-action

So, I am here to write for the obvious reason.  Let me say this, Alex Rodriguez is a member of the New York Yankees, my favorite team. Regardless of being an “A-Rod Guy” or not I am pulling for Alex to make it through the season and to perform well.  Now that Alex has admitted to his “substance use” his records and stats now mean nothing anymore.  There is no way to tell when he started and when he “stopped”; all we know is that he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar in ’03.  Baseballs savior is now gone just as dirty as the rest of the big names (Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa ,Jason Giambi, Andy Pettite) The Home Run record will mean nothing if he passes Barry Bonds, the fastest to 500 hrs mean nothing as well. With that said all that matters to me is that Alex is clean now and the Yankees win the World Series. If Alex helps the boys in the Bronx finish atop the American League East, win the pennant and the World Series, we the fans of the Yankees will not forget but forgive, as we did with Giambi and Pettite.  There is more pressure on Alex this year than any other.  New Yankee Stadium opening, finishing in 3<sup>rd</sup> place behind the Red Sox and Rays missing the playoffs last year and now this “substance” use.  Alex will have a lot on his plate this year and I hope he is driven to prove everyone that he is clean now and can take the Yankees to the promise land once again.  Alex was going to get booed and heckled on the road regardless about Madonna, divorce, or steroids whatever, it was going to happen, but a championship will help him deal with the home crowd.

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Super Bowl

Steelers & Cardinals

This seems like it should be a Steeler win but I just dont see it.  The strength of Pitt is D and Zona is O. Pitt has an ok O and Zona ther D is ok as well. So I think both teams actually come out even.  I think Heath Miller will play a big part for Pitt becuase of the Heins Ward injury.  I think Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald will still have a big game.  They have played great against 2 good d's in the Eagles and the Panthers.  The Steelers injuries may play a part in this game, Big Ben and Ward that is a big part of there offense.  Willie Parker will have a lot on his shoulders as will Miller like I said before.  Anquan Boldin should have a big game with alot of the focus and attention going to Larry on the other side of the feild and look out for James hes due for a big break out game.  The Cards have more to prove in this game with all the doubters out there.  If Pitt gets pressure of Warner he wil make the bad throws and that should be the focus of the game.  Warner with time will lead the Cards to win, he reads the blitz very well ask the Eagles.  The Steeers cant settle for FG's and Ben cant throw too many picks. Im taking the Cardinals.

Cards 27-Pitt 17

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The Sunday before the SuperBowl

Eagles @ Cardinals- ZONA  30-27

I have this feeling about Kurt in these big games. He will manage the clock and i dont see him makeing too many turn overs. McNAbb on the other hand I dont like the way he thinks sometimes.  People keep telling me the Cards D is soft but they took care of the Panthers running game and shut down Steve Smith. They can play, im starting to thnk underrated, not the best but hey get the job done and they want revenege for the thursday night loss. Philly as always has no recievers so its will all be on Brian Westbrook, but he will ge the foucus the Cards will drop 8 in the box and some one will be open.  The Eagels D going up againstt LFitz and AB will be interesting, look for Dawkins to make a big hit on them. James will go out and prove hes the back he onces was. Cards are home and the crowd will be loud. Zona in the upset.


Ravens @ Steelers-PITT 17-10

This game is a toss up.  Im still not sold on rookies under pressure. Joe Flacco is a beast with a gun, Suggs and Rolle out hurts Balt, but they still have Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and the rest of the new purple people eaters.  The Steelers are the Steelers so the D will be big. Same goes for the Birds in purple. But it comes down to pressure on Big Ben and Willie Parker's ability to run the ball(Pitt should look at how the Giants ran the ball in there game. NY/BALT played in Jersey week 11).  Rivers got 300 yards on the Pitt D in just 3 quaters last week.(SD only had one play in the 3rd remember that) So Bitzburg looks vulnerable comeign into this week. Chances are Tomlin fixes this.


One games all about Offense the other Defense.  Either match up will be great to watch.  Truly the best football week of the year.

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Round 2 of the NFL Play offs


Cardinals @ Panthers- CAR
Ravens @ Titans- TENN


Eagles @ New Jersey Giants- NJG
Chargers @ Steelers- PITT

I picked all the home teams for various reason.  The Cards arnt on the same level as the Cats, and they havnt won a game on the east coast all season and they play horrible in bad weather.  The Blodin or not they have no chance.  The Ravens/Titans game will be a real close one but i think inexperence at the QB position and head coach will hurt  balt now matter how nasty the D is. Plus Kerry wants a little revenge against Ray Lewis and the Ravens for that superbowl loss a few years back.  The Phila/NJ game is realy to close to call.  The Eagles strength is DB's and the Giants weakness is there WR(Way to go Plax), the Eagles will Blitz and the Giants will run we all know that.  It will come down to which QB thorws more picks and which set of RB's preform better.  Rember Akers never kicks well is the wind tunnel that is Giants Stadium. So give the FG edge to NJ.  The Chargers will have to rely on Rivers in there game at Pitt.  Sproles will not preform like he didi last week, not when one of the best D's knows that it will be him in the back field and not LT. The dream run has ended for the Bolts, it will be Steeler weather and they wont lose at home.

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Wild Card Weekend Predictions


Colts @ Bolts-IND

Ravens @ Dolphins-BALT



Falcons @ Cards-ATL

Eagles @ Vikings-PHILA

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